Commercial Garage Doors:


Commercial Garage Doors - Jersey garage door repair

  • Openers, repair and installation.
  • Tune-ups – Lubes and adjustment.
  • Emergency repair
  • Roller & Spring replacements.
  • Section replacements.
  • Garage door replacements.
  • Preventive maintenance.


We do commercial garage doors. Our total service solutions includes openers, Roller & Spring replacements for roll-up and overhead garage doors. We are the premium source for brand name garage door accessories and parts in all of New Jersey. We pride ourselves in using only the top of the line manufactured garage doors at affordable prices to meet all of your financial needs.

Commercial Garage Door Spring Replacement:

Replacing torsion springs is a very dangerous process because commercial garage doors are extremely heavy. Knowing if a system is broken is very difficult detect because the inner springs are not visible. In order to see if a commercial garage door is broken, is to weigh it and it should weigh less than 20 lbs. When the garage doors are closed and the doors weigh more than 20 lbs, then most likely the inner springs of the commercial garage doors are broken. Our expert technicians will install brand name commercial torsion springs in.

Lubes and Adjustments:

Jersey garage door repair recommend that as an owner of commercial garage doors-
In order to prevent malfunctions of your garage doors in the future – we now have a special promotion for lube and adjustment of your commercial garage doors for only $135. This special promotion includes, lube and adjustment service and also a safety check, to ensure the safety operation of the door.
We recommend maintenance of your commercial garage doors on a yearly basis to prevent any malfunctions of your garage doors in the future. Due to the heat and humidity in New Jersey, rust is a common problem that can occur with your commercial garage doors. Maintaining your doors is crucial in preventing future costly repairs on your commercial garage doors.

Commercial Garage Door Replacements:

Jersey garage door repair provides all types of garage door replacement needs. We have a wide range of brand named garage doors and have expert technicians on call to fix any garage door repair necessary. We offer year round services for any emergency repairs or replacement you need for all types commercial garage doors. We are committed to serving New Jersey with top quality services to satisfy all your needs.

Preventive Measures:

Preventative measure maintenance program on a yearly basis is crucial in preventing costly repairs in the future. Rusted and worn commercial garage door rollers and cables can be prevented before they break. If this isn’t detected in time it can cause major accidents by crashing down and possible causing injury or even death. Give us a call before any detrimental accidents happen in your company. We have on call expert technicians to come and repair or replace your commercial garage doors on same day service.

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